Onalaska Response

Date Posted: 4/29/2020

From the desk of Dr. Richard P. White, District Superintendent of the East District:

Onalaska has major damage from the recent tornados. The tornado went on the north side of Hwy 190. It will be a long process of cleaning and rebuilding.

All work and work crews go through Center of Hope in Livingston. Currently people are working on cleaning up the damage.

There are places in town where people can pick up water, food, and clothing. Onalaska UMC is taking sack lunches at noon to people who are working on their homes.

Onalaska City Administrator, Angela Stutts said Onalaska needs counselors to help with PTSD. She said that trained counselors walk city streets and just talk to the people who are working. This might be a helpful way for Stephens Ministers to serve.

I am thankful for all the United Methodist Ministers in the Onalaska/Livingston area for their work and help. Rev. Jim Calvert is the pastor in Onalaska.

If anyone in your churches want to volunteer to help, contact the Center of Hope in Livingston, Director Mike Fortney via their Facebook page. If your local congregation wants to assist, the Missions Depot can provide equipment and resources. Please contact Christine Riggle, 936-788-6650, for project support.