October Event Allows Attendees to Explore Church Planting

Date Posted: 9/22/2016

An ideal way to research and discern a call to plant a church is to attend the New Church Leadership event in Houston on October 18-20, so register soon.
There is likely a good bit of curiosity among clergy and laity about the process of starting a church. Many have likely felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting and wondered, ”What if…” While starting a church is an exciting call, it is a unique undertaking that requires targeted training and insight.
Next month, the Texas Annual Conference is hosting a New Church Leadership Institute designed to assist pastors and laity to discern if they are called to be a new church planter. This is an informal, test-the-water type event that will familiarize attendees with various church planting strategies and models, and help them discover their ministry style and how to most strategically leverage their skills in their ministry setting.
Jim Griffith, the founder of Griffith Coaching, will be the primary speaker and facilitator for this event. His wife Kim, a Methodist minister, will also share in the discussions. Jim began his ministry by starting new churches to reach new people in Florida, North Carolina, and Denver. Since then, he has had a role in assessing over 1,900 church planting candidates, and has trained thousands of planters, and coached hundreds of new churches.
Participants will be exploring answers to important questions:

  • What are the different church planting models?
  • How am I wired?
  • With what group do I have natural affinity?
  • What is my leadership style?
  • Where would I fit best in the cycle of an organization?
  • What is my conflict resolution style?
  • How do I set boundaries for healthy and effective ministry?
“The retreat creates intentional time and space for listening to the Holy Spirit to ensure clarity of this call,” shares organizer Rev. Jeff Olive, Director of New Church Development for the TAC Center for Congregational Excellence. “The program also incorporates exercises aimed at discernment -- during which participants will have opportunity to assess their gifts and calling for church planting.”
When and Where
October 18-20, 2016 in Houston, Texas at the United Methodist Service Center, 5215 Main St.
To register or for more information on this year’s NCLI, contact Marylyn Green at (mgreen@txcumc.org) or 713-521-9383 ext. 314.