May Mission Emphasis: Funding Student Achievement on the Border

Date Posted: 4/14/2016

2016 Conference delegates and congregations are invited to support The Center for Missional Excellence mission project this year by raising funds for students and teachers on both sides of the border in Texas/Mexico.
When it comes to getting ready for school, teachers say a pencil or a pen can make all the difference between a student eventually graduating or dropping out. Kids often disconnect because they don’t have adequate school supplies they need to learn and achieve. These critical needs are even more pronounced at the Texas/Mexico border.
“We all know that education is the way to improve the future for so many disadvantaged children who attend school in the poorest communities, so we are conducting a fundraising effort for students and teachers at this year’s Annual Conference,” notes Rev. Diane McGehee, Director of the Center for Missional Excellence.  “Delegates don’t have to bring any extra items in their suitcases this year, just cash donations that will be used for backpacks, school supplies and boxes filled with items to support teachers.
Investing in Education: What Your Donations will Buy
Each $25 donation = a backpack filled with supplies.
Each $100 donation  = a teacher’s box with educational tools/supplies.  See the links for details of the contents you will be helping to purchase.
Churches can take up a special offering, or donations – of any amount -- can be collected from Sunday school classes or individuals.
Operation: Donation
Bring donations, during annual conference, to the 4th floor outside the Grand Ballroom. A table will be there to make it easy to drop off your checks.  Or, you may send your donations to the conference office at Texas Annual Conference, 5215 Main St., Houston, TX  77002.  Make out a check to the Texas Annual Conference or TAC and add “School Supplies” in the notation.
Notes Diane, “The project donations will be administered by Susan Hellums, Border Area Mission Coordinator in McAllen and Willie Berman, Coordinator for the Mexican Methodist Border Mission in Reynosa, Mexico.”

For more information:  Contact Missional Excellence at 713-521-9383, ext. 301.

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