Local Pastor Licensing School – June 2019

Date Posted: 4/3/2019

The 2019 Texas Annual Conference Local Pastor Licensing School is set for Wednesday, June 12 thru Tuesday, June 18. Registration is now open and payment ($75) will be accepted online via E-Check only. Please have Routing & Account information ready.
In order to register and receive a license to preach, the student MUST be a certified candidate with an appointment at a local charge.
For CLM's or people out of process, the cost is $750 plus $75 registration fee (payable at time of registration) which can be paid for by the district, by a BOM Scholarship, or combination. Payments need to be pre-arranged before registration. For further details and information, please contact Vicki Shimer.
The student will need to make their own arrangements to pay the $75 registration fee when they complete their personal registration.
Please remember, the students District will complete the CLM Registration. Student will need to complete the regular 2019 Licensing School registration. Both registrations need to be completed in order to move forward.
Student Registration for 2019 TAC Licensing School - $75 
CLM Students must complete this registration link following CLM District Registration
Registration for CLM Candidate - $750
District will need to complete this registration link for CLM Candidates