Lakeview Offering Scholarships to Campers

Date Posted: 2/5/2018

Lakeview is proud to announce we have raised $60,000 for Hurricane Harvey victims, kids, and counselors, to attend camp this summer.

Through a generous grant of $10,000 from Chapelwood UMC of Houston and $50,000 from the Permanent Endowment Fund of Moody Methodist of Galveston, these funds will be available to campers and adults from the 5 southern districts. To receive the funds they must be requested by a District Superintendent, pastor, or church staff member on behalf of the camper our counselor.

Requests are made to Peggy Jordan, Registrar at Lakeview. These funds are available solely to those impacted by the storm. Campers may still apply for need based scholarships through the registration process at

Parents, pastors, or church staff may call Peggy with any questions about these or other scholarship dollars. Peggy's number at Lakeview is 903-538-2711 ex 250.