Lakeview Outlines Focus

Date Posted: 11/14/2016

Palestine, TX - Facility enhancements, new activities and scholarships were three areas of focus for the Lakeview Methodist Conference Center Board of Directors during its annual fall meeting on October 27.  Mike Beal, owner and CEO of Century 21 Beal Inc. in College Station, presiding over his last board meeting as Lakeview’s chairperson, was very optimistic about the on-going changes and progress at Lakeview. 

A proposal to update the A. Frank Smith Dorms was presented by Building Committee Chairman, Danny Smith.  The board approved to allocate up to $100,000 from the Capital Fund for the A. Frank Smith Dorms.  The facelift will be completed for Summer Camp 2017.  Some of the renovations include: portions of the outside metal and beams will be painted to match Hearn Dorms, dorm room flooring will be replaced with new vinyl composite tile, bathroom and shower areas will be installed with ceramic tile, rusted sinks will be replaced and new venting will be added in shower areas.
Other facilities enhancements include a new way-finding signage program throughout Lakeview.

A way-finding program for Lakeview was presented by Breezy Lake-Wolfe, Director of Marketing and approved by the board.  “From the moment our guests drive into Lakeview, we want to communicate by helping them navigate and experience Lakeview without confusion, stated Lake-Wolfe. “When signage is well planned, seamlessly connected and aesthetically pleasing, it will create a positive first impression and a sense of security, comfort and well-being for visitors.”

New program activities that will entice excitement, creativity and fun for Lakeview’s campers and guests were presented to the board by Bradley Doherty, Director of Program & Ministry.  These activities, which were approved by the board, include a Jump Pillow, Paint Ball Course & Rock Throwing Range.

"We are so excited to be adding new activities to Lakeview for this upcoming summer," stated Bradley Doherty, Director of Program & Ministry.  "Campers of all ages will love our new Jump Pillow.  They are an absolute blast.  We can't wait to see how it adds to our ministry as campers and counselors make memories together.  We are so thankful that our board has decided to invest into new activities for this summer."
The Board of Directors did not hesitate approving an annual scholarship committee, led by Linda Barton, Lifetime Honorary Board Member, and Breezy Lake-Wolfe, Director of Marketing.  Included in the scholarship discussion was the creation of the Monroe Walker Scholarship Endowment Fund, which will kick off January of 2017. 

According to Bob Lindsey, Treasure and Director of Finance Committee, this year’s financial operations are right on track with the 2016 budget surplus of $60,000-$80,000.
In other action, the Board of Directors
•           Approved a $2,676.800.00 operating budget for the 2017 year.
•           Appointed Lakeview Board Member Tom Palmer, Manager for Economic Development in Mesquite & local pastor of the North Texas Annual Conference, as Chairman for 2017.
•           Appointed Don Strickland as a Lifetime Honorary Board Member.
•           Adopted a new slate of officers and directors replacing those rotating off the board. 

  • Chairman: Tom Palmer
  • Vice-Chair: Jim McPhail
  • Secretary: Jenifer Leonpacher
  • Finance: Bob Lindsey
  • Immediate Past Chair: Mike Beal
  • Governance Chair: Carol Turner
  • Class of 2018: Tom Palmer, Carol Turner
  • Class of 2019: Jenifer Leonpacher, Bob Lindsey, Don Walker, Murray Mathews, Sunday  Coffman, Debra Jolly-Mann, Robert Anzick, Enid Henderson
"A new day has dawned at Lakeview for 2017,” stated Tom Palmer, Chairman of the Board. “A new camping model begins that intentionally connects kids to the wonderful God that has created each one of them.  This model also connects the camper’s local churches and parents with guides and tools to reinforce the messages learned at the summer camps.  Lakeview has been so important in the formation of faith for so many and 2017 will only increase this number.  We all thank God for the blessing that Lakeview is, and will continue to be, as a new generation experiences God in new and exciting ways."
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