Kid-Sized Kindness

Date Posted: 10/26/2017

If her eyes are not focused on a favorite book, fourth grader Emily Trumbature has a knack to spot people in need most everywhere she goes. When a classmate forgot her lunch money, Emily paid her way. After meeting a homeless woman at the park, Emily rallied her mom to make a fast food run so she could bless the hungry lady with bags of food and bottles of water. When the woman thanked her, Emily replied, “Remember God loves you just like he loves me.”
Her adult-like behaviors are evident daily. “She has a heart of gold and a giving nature rare to someone her age,” says mom Tara Webb. Emily’s teachers have noticed her sensitivity to others as well. They recently awarded her the honor of being a “Heights Hero.” At the young age of nine, Emily frequently models courage for adults when she fearlessly befriends strangers of all ages and confidently reads scripture aloud in the worship service.
Although Emily looks up to her mom as an example, Tara does not take all the credit for Emily’s sweet disposition. She credits Moody Methodist UMC, Galveston and Emily’s Bible leader Miss Margarita Sims for helping to instill and reinforce these values in her daughter.
Every season is the season of giving for Emily. During the school year she loves putting flags on the graves of veterans.  When Hurricane Harvey flooded her grandparent’s home, she took her place alongside the adults as they “mucked and gutted” the house, and helped find her grandparents a new place to live. Emily also took the time to go to the church clothes closet to personally pick out some new items for her grandparents to make sure they had clothes they liked.
Last Christmas, Emily noticed a tag on the Angel tree at church that indicated a child with a parent in prison wished for a bike. Emily knew just what to do. “I had a new bike but since I lived in an apartment, I did not have any place to ride it,” she said, “so I decided to donate it to a child who probably would not get any other presents.”
In a world enamored with celebrity, quiet servants all too often go unnoticed. But not this time. Emily recently learned she was featured in the 2017 Amazing UMC Kid campaign. She was nominated for her continual acts of kindness, a life of service that is an example to all of us.
“People don’t always notice things because they look at their phones so much,” shares Emily. “But I know Jesus is really happy when we help others like he did.”