Keeping Families Together (JFON)

Date Posted: 4/27/2016

As we celebrate family this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) remembers immigrants in Houston who are unable to be with their loved ones. In the last 10 months, the JFON clinics have provided advice to 163 individuals from 24 countries and the need continues to climb. One such client is a single mom and citizen of Honduras who fled her home country with her four young children after members of a violent gang assaulted her. 

Upon arrival in the United States, this mom and her children were detained by Customs and Border Patrol and placed in removal proceedings. Ultimately, she and her young children were able to seek refuge with a local women’s shelter where they currently reside. With the help of two local collaborative nonprofits, she was referred to JFON for services.  JFON is now helping this family unit apply for a U visa, which provides temporary immigration status to immigrants who have been victims of certain crimes.  If granted, they will be able to apply for Lawful Permanent residency in the future.

This is a great way to help immigrants in our community obtain free, high-quality legal representation from our immigration attorneys so that they can be with their families. With your support, we can make Mother’s and Father’s Day more memorable for our immigrant neighbors.

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