Ignite*Midwinter 2016

Date Posted: 12/7/2015

In Malachi 3 the prophet speaks of a refiner, his fire, and gold & silver.  For those of you not up on their metallurgical standards, silver melts at 1,764 °F and gold at a blistering1,947° F, which is toasty even by Texas Summer standards.  Once the metals are heated to these points, the unwanted junk is burnt away, leaving a significantly pure element.

To begin such a combustion, an ignition point has to be produced each time, as to keep such an intense fire going would be burdensome to the refiner and a sever toll on the fuel source.  Just as with the refiner's fire, we hope that Ignite 2016 provides a spiritual ignition point for you and your students, wether that is a more intense relationship with Christ, a purified heart for serving others, new appreciation of a means of grace, or increased connection with others outside your church. 

Below you will find links to form for Ignite 2016, our Conference weekend retreat for 7th -12th graders.
We will be holding two weekends this year: February 19-21 at Lakeview, near Palestine and February 26-28 at Forest Glen, near Huntsville.

The retreat leadership is working to make sure that either location provides the same fruitful weekend for you and your students.  

Registration information available at http://www.txcumc.org/ignitemidwinter