Holocaust Museum Houston Offers Bonhoeffer Tours

Date Posted: 7/13/2016

Holocaust Museum Houston offers Bonhoeffer tours focusing on the life and ministry of the German Lutheran Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer – in the context of the events of the Holocaust. The tour includes a look at early influences on Bonhoeffer, his reaction to Hitler's Aryan Clause, Bonhoeffer's influence on the formation of the Confessing Church, his collaboration in the assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler, his imprisonment and death sentence by hanging at Flossenburg by direct order from Hitler. The Bonhoeffer tours are especially suited for confirmation classes to understand how Bonhoeffer defined the relationship between church and state, his call for the faith-based community to take a stand against oppression and to refuse to be silent bystanders in the face of injustice inflicted upon anyone.

The tours include mention of Pastor Andre Trocme who influenced his congregation at Le Chambon-surLignon and surrounding villages to create a unique refuge in France where thousands of Jews survived the Holocaust and a review of the document by the Bishop of Munster protesting the killings in Hitler's euthanasia program. Museum visitors will see a German rail car of the type that transported people to death camps and a Danish fishing boat of the same kind that carried people to a safe harbor in Sweden.

The Bonhoeffer tours are to promote discussion about what we learn from religious leaders during the Holocaust to determine how we can create communities today in which there is social justice and no place for hate nor prejudice.

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