GCFA Offers EZRA BAC Module Training

Date Posted: 4/4/2017

With Annual Conference season quickly approaching, GCFA is pleased to announce the launch of our Business of the Annual Conference (BAC) Module in Ezra. The new BAC module will allow you to complete the BAC online by populating the form with information populated supplied from your Ezra Database or DataSync. This new program aims to save you and your staff time and reduce duplication of effort. Best of all, there is no fee to use the module.

To help facilitate your use and experience with the BAC and the BAC Module, I will be offering several online training sessions in April.  In addition, I am happy to set up a one-on-one training session with you at a time convenient for you and your staff. 

During the training sessions, I will cover the following items: Introduction to the BAC, Introduction to the 2017-2020 Form, Using the EZRA BAC Module. 
Please click on the links below to register for the 2017 BAC training sessions.  (You can always change/cancel your registration at any time.)  Feel free to forward this to anyone else who you think would benefit from these trainings.
**Note that all sessions are in the Central Time Zone and are scheduled for 1 hour, but I will plan to answer questions for up to 30 minutes after each. 

Introduction to the BAC (Overview of the BAC for Beginners)

Introduction to the 2017-2020 Form (What changes have been made this quadrennium) Using the EZRA BAC Module --coming the week of April 25th  and May 15th
Finally, I thought now would be a good time to mention that if there are other data/Ezra questions that you wish to discuss further, or if you desire other Ezra training, such as a refresher course on Ezra core, please contact me directly so we can schedule a time together. I can be reached at lsanchez@gcfa.org or  615-369-2392.   Feel free to forward this to anyone else who you think would benefit from these trainings.  
BAC Instructions 2017-2020 (.pdf)
BAC Form 2017-2020 (.doc)