First-Ever “Faith in the Future” Conference for Young Adults

Date Posted: 2/11/2016

The inaugural discernment conference this April will feature ‘Ted-Talk-style” topics and interactions related to living a faith-filled life in the future.

“Since young adults live in a Twitter world, we are planning a Ted-Talk -inspired retreat with a half-dozen topics rather than a keynote type of format,” shares

Rev. Michael Jarboe, associate pastor of Memorial Drive UMC. The upcoming Fifteen Forum, named for its fifteen-minute presentation time limit, will kick off at 7 p.m. Friday, April 29 and conclude Saturday, April 30 at 12:30 p.m. in the contemporary worship space called the Well (13186 Memorial Drive) and is open to attendees between the ages of 18-30, at a cost of $15.

Eddie Erwin, Director of Youth/Young Adult Ministries for the conference says this idea grew out of a candid conversation with a consortium of young adult leaders. “We asked them what their young adults needed, would help their ministries, and they would enjoy and we came up with an event providing a change of scenery and an interactive environment featuring a wide range of topics for discussion that will be in their vernacular and voice.”

“We are living in chaotic but interesting times,” adds Jarboe, “which makes it even more challenging for young adults to live out their faith or even know what that means. It will only get crazier in the next 5-10 years, so we encourage young adults from all over the conference to join the conversation at this event. We will hear business speakers, creators, artists, psychologists, clergy and lay give mini presentations on the future of our faith in the context of social media, relationships, finances, and the Church.”

Erwin agrees, “It will probably feel like a whirlwind kind of event with a lot going on in a short time, but the good news is that we can really dive in and discuss our faith heading in the future – and there will still be a good bit of weekend left for other activities.”

For registration/information, contact Eddie at

Reminder: WHY GRACE
According to Eddie, it’s not too late to register for the Wednesday “Why Grace” powwow with Jeremy Steele next week -- on February 17 at Lakewood UMC from 10-2, including lunch ($15). Please RSVP to Eddie by Monday, February 15, to make sure we have enough food!