Field of Dreams: St. Luke's Gethsemane Partners with Dynamo for Youth

Date Posted: 8/24/2016

Grand Opening of Soccer Field at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church Gethsemane Campus, Features partnership with Houston Dynamo street team.
Who: St. Luke’s UMC, St. Luke’s Gethsemane Campus, Houston Dynamo Street Team and Youth Programs
What: Soccer Field Grand Opening Celebration
Why: To build community in Gulfton and Sharpstown neighborhoods, to host soccer clinics taught by the Houston Dynamo Street Team, and to provide outdoor activity space for KIPP Connect School
Where: St. Luke’s Gethsemane, Soccer Field, 6856 Bellaire Blvd. Houston TX 77074
When: Saturday, August 27, 2016, 9:30AM–11:30AM, Soccer Program will begin on Monday, September 26 The heart behind St. Luke’s Gethsemane is community.
The heart behind St. Luke’s Gethsemane is community. It serves as a missionary outpost on the frontier of multicultural ministry. The soccer field, and every program associated with it, is part of that vision.
During the new school year, the soccer field is used as a sports field for KIPP Connect School and as the home of a new St. Luke’s soccer program. Students from KIPP Connect Charter School use the field for recess and intramural sports on school days. Over 20 hours of field time per week is devoted to the KIPP students.
And then there’s soccer. St. Luke’s Gethsemane Outreach has partnered with Houston: reVision on a major new soccer clinic program for children ages 5-14, to begin at the end of September. The Houston Dynamo Street Team will coordinate the on-the-field drills and training three days a week. The purpose of these clinics is not for competition but rather for building community.
“Houston: reVision, together with Rev. David Horton and the staff at St. Luke’s Gethsemane, understand the challenges of the neighborhood,” Charles Rotramel, CEO at Houston: reVision said. “There is an absence of green space but also places where kids can gather and do something positive and be a kid. We are so pleased that the Houston Dynamo is joining us and offering a level of soccer training that will be beyond our expectations. This creates a really amazing set of new opportunities that will go a long way in changing the kids and families that we work with.”