Disaster Response

Date Posted: 5/11/2016

The Texas Annual Conference continues to experience severe weather.  On the night of Monday, May 9, the Texarkana area in the North District experienced a severe storm that included at least one tornado that touched down in the area of Red Lick.  The storm toppled trees and damaged several residences, including the home of Rev. Mike Akin of FUMC Texarkana.  The damage was immediately reported through the North District office and, within hours, volunteers from the North District were mobilized, including an Early Response Team from FUMC Atlanta.  The team offered assistance to Rev. Akin and began assessing damage to neighboring homes.  The relief work was accomplished quickly using local volunteers and by the homeowners themselves.

TAC Disaster Ministries continues to work throughout the conference following our recent disasters including in the Caddo Lake area in the North District, the Jasper / Newton / Orange counties area in the Southeast District, Woodville in the East District, Wharton in the Southwest District, Palestine in the Northwest District, and several areas in the Central South and Central North Districts.  Long-term Recovery Groups have been established or are in the process of being established in Palestine, Caddo Lakes Region, Tri-County (Southeast Texas), and Harris County.  TAC Disaster Ministries is advising and providing resources for churches in the affected areas and actively participating in the recovery in each region. 

Right now, all areas are transitioning out of immediate relief and moving into long-term recovery.  This will last for months and years to come.  Churches and individuals who wish to volunteer in the recovery effort can contact Rev. Scott Moore, smoore@txcumc.org with the dates and locations they wish to work and any specifics regarding special skills or particular types of projects on which they wish to work.  Rev. Moore will put you in contact with the coordinator in the requested area.

In Christ,

Rev. Scott Moore
Executive Director, Mission Depot
Assistant to the Director
Center for Missional Excellence
Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church