Day School Children Enjoy “Operation Gratitude”

Date Posted: 12/10/2015

Putting the “fruit of the spirit” into action helps Beaumont youngsters learn spiritual concepts by doing.
One of the supreme sacrifices for children is to give up their Halloween candy. However, according to Christine Haynes, Director of Children & Family Ministries at Wesley UMC Beaumont that’s exactly what happened last month, and the exercise taught an important spiritual truth.
“Our day school children learn about a “fruit” of the month every month based on Galatians 5:22-23,” Christine explains. For the month of November the fruit we were focusing on was Goodness, so from November 2-5, 2015 students in Mrs. Knowlton and Mrs. Smith pre-k 4 class collected then donated nearly 30 pounds of their hard-earned Halloween candy to deployed soldiers with the help of the Operation Gratitude Halloween Candy Program.  The class made care packages that included candy, a class thank you letter to the troops for their dedication and bravery and pictures and drawings made by the kids. For more about Wesley Day School visit and for more about Operation Gratitude visit