CORR Action Fund Awards Over $400,000 to 21 Grassroots Initiatives

Date Posted: 1/4/2018

Washington, D.C.--The General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) will award $463,025 to projects developed by local churches, district annual conferences, and seminaries in all 5 jurisdictions of The United Methodist Church through the CORR Action Fund (CAF) United States 2018-2020 grant cycle.
Rev. Stephen Handy, chair of CAF committee states, "We are grateful for all of the responses to GCORR's CORR Action Fund grant cycle theme of 'Disrupting Racism.' It is profoundly clear that racism continues to divide our country and even our church, but the investment of hope in these grantees offer an opportunity for incarnational ministries to not only disrupt, but to transcend the atrocities and evil of racism in our nation. Courageous and bold steps are being taken by local congregations, conference offices, and seminaries by starting to build bridges of intercultural communities in a hurting world. To be aligned with and able to help fund this incarnational movement is extremely humbling and a key aspect of the ongoing work of GCORR's ministry model." 
GCORR funds projects through the CAF that impact all segments of local community including after-school reading programs for children, mentorship for youth, as well as intentional church and community organizing to create stronger infrastructural support for those on the margins.

General Secretary Erin Hawkins states, "The fact that the majority of the grant funds will be going to local congregations is a testament to GCORR's commitment to supporting ministry 'on the ground.'  These projects are examples of disciples who are seeking to transform the world starting in their very own communities."

The CAF committee criteria for the U.S. 2018-2020 proposals was as follows:
  • Identify and change at least one racist and/or xenophobic system, policy or practice in the wider community
  • Engage people of The United Methodist Church with diverse community partners in frequent vital conversations about racism and xenophobia
  • Build understanding and trusting relationships among diverse people in the wider community
The CAF grants support community initiatives that disrupt racism and xenophobia, and are more important than ever in this time of polarization and racial strife.
See the complete list of CAF 2018-2020 grant recipients.