Church volunteers 'like angels' to flood victims in Jersey Village area

Date Posted: 4/25/2016

When the water started to creep up the stairs to the second floor of her Jersey Village home, Shirley Sawyer called the police to come get her. After a few hours, the lights of a fire engine appeared outside, but the flood had created a cesspool around the house that the truck couldn't reach.

Finally, a firefighter swam to her, caught her arm and guided her through the waters. She couldn't see where she was going, and the water was up to her armpits, but slowly the legal secretary waded through the waters one arthritis-ached leg at a time.

Sawyer is just one of so many Houstonians affected by the flooding last week - but like many in the Jersey Village area, she received aid in dealing with the aftermath from volunteers at Foundry United Methodist Church.

"The Lord helped me get out of here," Sawyer said. "If it weren't for (Foundry volunteers), I don't know what would happen to us down here. They're like angels."

Around 10 a.m. Tuesday, Senior Pastor Godfrey Hubert drove himself to Foundry Church. On the way, he realized he didn't want a normal day of work - he felt blessed to have been spared by the floods and a calling to help the people whose homes had been plowed through with floodwater.

"It had been 24 hours, and we hadn't done anything," Hubert said. "

So, he shot an email to his congregation, and in just an hour and a half - almost as swiftly as the flash flood swept over the city - five teams gathered and were handing out supplies and helping clean houses... Continue Reading the full story at 

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