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Date Posted: 8/9/2017

Forty-five percent of people surveyed are watching over an hour of video each week on Facebook or YouTube, and viewers are watching over 100 million hours of Facebook video each day. This positions the churches of the Texas Annual Conference to use video in new ways to connect and promote the work they are engaged in to help others glorify Christ.
Brant Mills, Associate Director of Media of the Texas Annual Conference shares a few ways that churches can begin to use video to get their message out.
“Videos tell the churches story in such a captivating way,” says Mills. “And with all the free and low-cost resources available today, practically anyone can share informative videos about their ministry online to a wide variety of audiences in a myriad of ways.”
Sermons Online
The primary way a church can begin to use video is through ‘sermons on demand’ or through live streaming sermons. This is a great way for people in your congregation to watch sermons when they are traveling or sick or to just catch up on a series. Some churches even have ex-pat followers.
“Posting these videos as an archive on the church website is always a good idea,” Mills says. “But some churches are going a step further and cutting short snippets of dynamic, poignant moments each week and sharing short sound bites of the message through social media channels.”
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Another great idea for churches is to host a Post Script video after the sermon. This would give church members a chance to ask questions about the sermon by texting their questions to the church. The pastor would answer these questions in an interview format and post the video to the website. “I really love the Post Script video idea. It allows leaders to cultivate great conversations and dive deeper into the theological questions about Sunday’s sermon,” Mills says.

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Get to Know Us
Another way churches use video is to promote the church either internally (during the worship service) or externally (on the web site).
One great option is to give a church tour and display it on the church website. “The new narthex design may be really nice, but you don’t just want to display empty facilities. Show off your ministries and the work you are doing in the community with video of people occupying those areas actively,” says Mills. Mills explains that it is important to show kids playing on the playground and people talking at your welcome center or coffee area to display who you are. These promotional videos can also highlight staff and volunteer roles, testimonials and community needs. Mills says it is important to discuss milestones as well as community needs and offer ways for viewers to connect and get involved.
More and more ministry leaders are developing promotional videos to tell the story of what is happening in the lives of their church. They are teasing sermon series, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. Mills recommends keeping these videos short -- one to two minutes max. “Focus on the best elements and always leave the audience wanting more” he says. There is an opportunity here to highlight who you are as a church and bare your soul, Mills explains. One way a church can set itself apart is by discussing events in the news and offering perspective on local or national issues. “This shows you care and are engaged,” says Mills.
Promotional Video Examples:

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