Church Photos Needed for Annual Conference

Date Posted: 3/17/2019

The Worship Team for Annual Conference 2019 needs your help.  We would like to gather as many photos of our churches as we can to represent the beauty of all our churches across the conference.

We’re looking for folks to submit images of the following:

  • Any or all of your stained glass windows
  • A shot of your sanctuary
  • A wide shot of the exterior of your church
  • A close up of the sign for your church outside
  • A wide shot of the sign for your church outside

Tips for shooting stained glass:

  • Turn off your flash.
  • Double check that you are focused on the window and not other elements. You may need to switch to manual mode and turn off auto aperture/auto focus to achieve good results.
  • Shoot directly across from the glass to avoid perspective issues and glare.
  • Stabilize your shot if possible by using a tripod or similar device, or the edge of a pew or podium.
  • Shoot on a cloudy day or in the morning / evening to reduce outside light.
  • Please do not add any filters or edit the images. We will adjust them as needed.
If you’re taking photos on your phone please set the file settings to the maximum quality the device allows, and send the original or largest size available.
Send the full resolution files to: and include your name (photographer), your church’s name, and the city the church is in.

Thank you for your assistance on this project!