Christian Musicians Impacting Kilgore College Students

Date Posted: 4/28/2016

Investing in the Young comes in many forms, most recently allowing Kilgore College students to be up close and personal with several popular Christian musicians.
Seven Kilgore College students and their campus pastor, Rev. Karen Bright, attended the “Hits Deep Tour” in Bossier City April 1, 2016 featuring national Christian pop artists tobyMac, Britt Nicole, Building 429, Colton Dix, Capital Kings, Finding Favour and Hollyn. For the finale, the group was selected to dance on stage with tobyMac, performing his new hit song, “Lights Shine Bright.”  The performance was videotaped for an online promotion of the new single. Afterwards, students met the lead performer and other musical acts backstage for a meet-and-greet.
 “We’ve Invested in the Young and it’s paying off in ways that are unimaginable for our students,” says Rev. Bright. “The goal was to offer them a memorable experience that would prayerfully be a turning point in their ministry. Out of 5,000 people attending the event, we (along with 20 other individuals) were chosen for this incredible opportunity. It was truly a blessing from God. Everything just fell into place in divine order.  Each student was touched in a meaningful and unique manner.”
All seven of the students will not soon forget this exceptional and inspirational experience.  As they share their perspective of the event, it becomes obvious that they were touched in unique and lasting ways.
Stephen Mena, 23 (Chicago, IL)   “I was most touched when tobyMac sang his song ‘Speak Life.” I’ve wanted to write songs so badly for so long, but I’ve always had a fear of it. But after hearing that song and seeing all those people in the crowd when we were on stage with him, I lost my fear. It was God’s way of letting me know ‘You’re going in the right way. Keep going.’
Isela Guerrera, 19 (Chandler, TX)
 “Even though we had front row seats, I stood on my feet most of time. I could not sit down! I was so excited witnessing all of the great performances. Before this concert, I was thinking about changing my major to Ministry – and now there’s no question about it.”
 Nancy Garza, 23 (Pine, TX). 
“There was a lot of excitement and awe in the atmosphere. It made me want to serve God more, improve my relationship with Him, and steer others to follow Him.   It was really surreal that we were on stage with tobyMac for his last performance and able to visit personally with him back stage.”
Destarra Alexander, 31, (Los Angeles, CA)
“The energy and presence of God was in that place. We sang songs and danced praises to God.  We all had a clear understanding about one love. This entire experience changed my whole outlook on life.”
Drew Horst, 18 (Kilgore, TX) 
“Besides being in the presence of tobyMac and all of the amazing artists, it really opened my eyes to the Christian music genre. It made me want to recommend that music to people at my church – young and old. It’s something that I think would help draw more people to Christ. I was blessed to be able to be a part of it.”
Reagan Silvey, 21 (Kilgore, TX)
 “During this concert I could tell that each artist loved God. They showed that love through each of their performances and songs. I was able to hear and sing the songs from some of my most favorite artists who have influenced my life throughout the years and have helped me with my walk with the Lord. The last performance was by tobyMac, who started his performance with his song, ‘Til the Day I Die.’ After we got off stage, I was able to meet him and shake his hand.”
Holden Silvey, 19, (Kilgore,TX)  “The highlight of the evening was a paper that a man handed us before the show, that said that we were selected to go onstage with tobyMac for his finale.  I really enjoyed the artists’ music and energy while performing. I also loved connecting and worshiping with other Christians in our group and having great conversations throughout.”