Calling All Singing Clergy

Date Posted: 5/2/2017

For this year’s Retiree Worship service – Tuesday, May 30, 2:00 pm - honoring our Retirees, we will once again have a “Y’all Come” Clergy Choir. As we did two years ago, the clergy choir will join in the singing of hymns during the service and then will provide a very special anthem in honor of our retiring clergy, “Bound for Greater Things.” The last time we did this we filled the choir loft to standing room only with over 90 clergy singers!
I would like to personally invite all clergy to gather together joining our voices as one praising God and honoring our new retirees! Joining is easy, please come early for the rehearsal in the choir loft on the day of the service. We will begin at 1:30 pm.
Practice in advance is encouraged and easy to do. Follow this link to prerecorded, voice part specific practice parts. 
We will have extra copies of the music available at the rehearsal prior to the service.
Please contact me at or Craig at for more information.
We can’t wait to have you singing God’s story in honor of these wonderful clergy!