Bishop Jones and Others Model “Holy Conversations”

Date Posted: 12/8/2016

The Committee on Unity is hosting a February webinar to model ways to discuss tough issues within “Holy Conversations.”
As the landscape of the culture, church and denomination experiences significant changes, United Methodist Church leaders continually re-affirm a commitment to lead the church forward in unity. “Recent actions and differing expectations have opened deep wounds within the denomination,” notes TAC Communication Director Paula Arnold, “so the Core Leadership Team of the TAC has formed a Unity Committee to help facilitate a stronger bond of peace through holy conversations about tough topics.”
Under the leadership of Bishop Scott Jones, the Unity Committee members include Rev. Lance Richards, District Superintendent Morris Matthis, Lay Leader John Esquivel, Connie Fowler, Rev. Nathan Bledsoe, and Reggie Clemons, in addition to Paula Arnold.
Individuals and Groups Can Collectively Tune In February 25
Churches across the conference are encouraged to gather to watch a webinar entitled, “Holy Conversations/Tough Issues” hosted by the Unity Committee on Saturday, February 25 from 10 a.m.- noon. “This event is designed to inform members of our conference about the latest news regarding judicial rulings and the Commission on a Way Forward,” adds Paula, “but more importantly to promote conversation and interaction about the tough topics that are threatening to create a schism in our denomination. 
Bishop Jones looks forward to feedback on how these gatherings proceeded, what insights were gained and how effective this type of communication is judged by participants at the local church.
“We will revisit the key questions:

  1. Who are we called to be as United Methodists in this time?
  2. What is the best of United Methodism?
  3. What makes United Methodist uniquely who we are?”
Audience members are encouraged to email questions ahead or during the webinar as the last 30 minutes will be spent in a Q&A. Questions can also be emailed later for a follow-up Facebook Live session planned for March 16, 2017 at 7 pm.
Adds Morris, “We look forward to getting feedback from our various audience groups about this experience and conversations, in hopes it will be an opportunity to celebrate successful exchanges of views and opinions.”