Bishop Jones and Committee on Faith and Order Seek Feedback on a New Resource

Date Posted: 3/27/2017

Bishop Jones encourages clergy and laity to engage in a new small group study and complete feedback forms that will guide next steps toward the 2020 General Conference.
Knowing that the nature of The United Methodist Church is currently a hot topic, The Committee on Faith and Order has developed a resource to facilitate that conversation, entitled, "Wonder, Love, and Praise: Sharing a Vision of the Church." According to Bishop Scott Jones, who chairs the committee, this study seeks to capture how our United Methodist tradition shapes our understanding of the ministry and mission of Christ's body, the Church.
“The General Conference approved a church-wide study of this document and a feedback process to help our committee perfect it.,” shares Bishop Jones. “We are hoping that a large number of clergy and laity will read the paper or engage in the provided small group study and complete our feedback forms. It would be most helpful if we could receive that feedback during 2017. We will be using those responses to prepare a revision for submission to the 2020 General Conference.”
The Committee on Faith and Order is encouraging active bishops to work with each General Conference delegation to conduct such a study with as many participants as possible. Retired bishops have also been asked to convene a group where they are, in order to study the material. Introductory videos, a small group study guide, feedback forms and the document itself can all be found at
“There is a 4½ minute orientation video that can be shown to explain the process,” adds Bishop Jones. “This is the first video displayed on the website and will also be shown at our annual conference this year to introduce clergy and lay delegates to the document and study process.”
If you have questions, you can contact the Bishop by email, or contact the Ecumenical Staff Officer for Faith and Order, Dr. Kyle R. Tau at