Best Communication Idea Contest 2016

Date Posted: 1/27/2016

The TAC Communications Committee is hosting a “Best Idea in Communications” contest and the winners will receive prizes – and be announced at Annual Conference.
Your success might be that your church started a Facebook page or did a special video for your church anniversary. The members of our committee welcome ideas and success stories that we can share across the conference. We will pick several winners, award prizes, and congratulate them at Annual Conference this May. Was your BEST IDEA an event, an app, video, special project, web or digital initiative, printed piece, new procedure, a revamp or _____?
To enter the communications contest, send the information below to April Canik, Cross Connection editor, at the Conference office at 5215 Main, Houston Texas 77002 or email to by April 15, along with a picture or sample if one is available. Address questions to April at 713-416-6837.
Church Name

Church Address


Submitter’s Name, Phone contact and Email:

Describe your Communication Idea (What was the goal and how did you implement it?)

How was it a success? What response followed this idea?