Being Creative with Announcements

Date Posted: 10/13/2016

Make the most of the communication opportunity preceding workshop by trying something different.
Most church leaders have a love/hate relationship with announcements. With the growing number of activities available, how do churches prioritize the publicity from the pulpit? How might members be more likely to pay attention?
Cheatham UMC’s Rev. Alan Van Hooser has been experimenting with this challenge in recent weeks. Cheatham has set the goal of limiting announcements to five minutes or less which usually requires narrowing the number. To be efficient with time, the church often puts text slides into a rotation that members can review while they wait for church to get underway. “We also do much of our announcing on Facebook to preserve most of our time for worship,” he says.
Cheatham has also featured youth making the announcements on video, which gives our audience something different but we can also control the time involved rather than a live announcement that might get rather lengthy,” shares Alan. “We have had announcements involving pom poms, cookies and other props because the creativity is memorable, provides a spark and people enjoy not hearing the same old thing week after week.” He has also started creating visuals with text messages on top using an app called “Fonto” to promote sermon series, special meetings and scriptural sentiments.
The United Methodist Church Communications experts have put this article together with many ideas and angles to address this ongoing challenge for vital congregations seeking to keep worship the central focus, yet keep members informed.