Ash Wednesday TV Coverage

Date Posted: 2/22/2016

Rev. David Horton, St. Luke’s UMC Houston’s Gethsemane Campus pastor, blessed the southwest Houston community with Ashes To Go recently on Ash Wednesday. Wearing a highly visible sandwich board with “Ashes To Go” emblazoned on it, he took a risk in actually take the church outside the walls. “The turnout was bigger than I expected,” he shares.
“I would have been thrilled if 12 had stopped by, but God had other ideas. When I arrived on campus, the first TV truck already had their remote set up. Throughout the morning reporters cover the event in English and Spanish. Ultimately between 30 and 35 people stopped and had ashes imposed on their foreheads. Parents of our neighbor KIPP Academy dropped off their school children and came over along with some of our GED and ESL students from our campus.”
At one point even a police car stopped and the pastor immediately thought he was in trouble, possibly breaking some law. Adds David, “Out of his patrol car came the officer in full uniform and… requested ashes. Deep relief flooded my body. It was humbling to see people’s response to church outside the walls. When I am in the Sanctuary, I tend to take myself and all of the pieces so seriously. All people really desire is a simple act of grace. That puts my job right into perspective.”
This roadside blessing was covered on four TV stations: KPRC, FOX, CW Channel 39, and Telemundo.