A Sunday of Blessing

Date Posted: 7/26/2018

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As part of Bishop Scott Jones’s, “We Love All God’s Children" Initiative, Sunday, August 12, 2018, churches throughout the Texas Conference will encourage and support community educators in “A Sunday of Blessing.”
A Sunday of Blessing
Summer flew by in a blink. Soon, children will shoulder backpacks and head back to school. “We Love All God’s Children” is gearing up right alongside students as churches throughout out the Texas Conference bless backpacks and hold school supply drives.
But this fall, Bishop Scott Jones and “We Love All God’s Children” Director Jill Daniel are also inviting congregations to join together in a Conference-wide event, “A Sunday of Blessing: Celebrating Those Who Teach our Children” on August 12. “It is an opportunity to bless the people who are in the trenches with our kids every day,” Daniel said, “We want to invite them into our churches, so that they can see we want to be their allies and supporters as we seek to love all God’s children.”
Blessing Beyond the Classroom
Although Daniel believes teachers are in tremendous need of support, she hopes The Sunday of Blessing will reach beyond the classroom to include everyone from bus drivers to school administrators. She hopes churches of all sizes will participate and encourages pastors and lay leaders to contact her at the district offices if they need help getting started. Churches can find a variety of resources for A Sunday of Blessing on the “We Love All God’s Children” website, including innovative ideas, social media graphics and a resource guide.
Bishop Scott Jones is encouraging participation in the event. “I am requesting that all churches strongly consider taking part in this Conference-wide Sunday as we diligently strive to change the lives of children and families in the areas of early childhood literacy, health and discipleship.”
If your church plans to participate in this exciting event, please notify the Rev. Jill Daniel at jdaniel@txcumc.org.