Camp Inspires Youth Worship Event

Date Posted: 3/13/2014

Recreating their Lakeview camp experience, youth from a dozen or more churches converged on First UMC, Pearland in February for a heartfelt time called “Just Worship.”

Senior high student, Hannah Thorndyke never wants camp at Lakeview to end. Once she returns to her routine, she misses the focused spiritual experience that makes church camp at Lakeview so special. Aldersgate UMC youth leader, Cabe Matthews understands. “We have amazing youth in the South District,” he shares, “our district has one of the best camp ministries in the conference. The story behind the February 28 'Just Worship' event started with Hannah approaching Reggie Clemons (First UMC, Pearland) to ask him what he thought, and
Reggie took it to Christie Burnette (First UMC, LaPorte),
Susy McAdams (Deer Park UMC), and myself.
We were all enthusiastic about the idea so we picked
a date and secured our friend Brandon Williams to lead the music.” 
After promoting the Just Worship event through digital media and youth groups throughout the district, about 60 youth came to First UMC Pearland to check it out. “Susy prayed, Brandon played, Hannah gave a short sermon, Reggie shared a short message, and that was the whole event,” adds Cabe. "There was no food, no games, no anything else. Hence the name, 'Just Worship.'"

Excited to have a youth event similar to those she loves at camp, Hannah shared her thoughts with her fellow students. “That night, I just wanted people to understand that God loves them for who they are - the good with the bad,” she says. “And no matter what, He always will, and He keeps his promises.” Using the analogy of childbirth, she adds, “He promises us that even the pain of birth is not what we dwell on, there is new life happening. He promises that weeping may endure for the night but joy cometh in the morning."

One student told her mom that those who weren't there really missed out. And Susy McAdams adds, “One of my students asked if we could do it every Friday night.”