Safe Sanctuary Process Updated

Date Posted: 2/26/2014

Those seeking training for Safe Sanctuary may have noticed recent changes to the process.
“The Conference safe sanctuary committee needed to address some issues with regard to training content,” Safe Sanctuary Consultant Dan Ramsey noted. The addendum training is certified by the state and addresses more in-depth issues in regards to abuse and how to recognize it. Effective March 1, the addendum kicks into place.
“Part of the reason for the training changes is we wanted to bring it more in line with the required training for Lakeview,” Ramsey added. “Previously, you had the local church policy for Safe Sanctuary, the conference policy for Safe Sanctuary, and then if you volunteered at Lakeview, there was a state mandated training. This training is the same that Lakeview has, so it has really combined that into one process.”
Streamlined Process
“It’s really user friendly,” Ramsey said, noting that people will still need to read the policy.
Those wishing to be trained send a request including their name, e-mail address and district and they will receive an e-mail invite asking them to visit and to register and create their password. After they sign in, they can begin training right away. Training is set up in sections and testing is done at the end of each section. 
Similar to the old system, when training is completed, trainees receive a certificate indicating their name and the date they completed the training. It is good for two years and will have to be retaken within that window.
This means the new training needs to be taken unless you’ve had training for Lakeview within the last year, in which case you have another full year before you have to take it again. “They only had to take the original training once, but now it’s required that it be done every two years... At some point – probably within the first year - everyone will need go through it,” Ramsey concluded.
Background checks
Ramsey said that the background check company is also different. “The company we were using made some changes, so we have to go to a different company. The process and pricing are similar to the before.” Conference policy still requires that background checks are done annually.
Additional information on the changes to performing background checks is available here.
The new process for Safe Sanctuary training is available at: