Texas Annual Conference Churches Background Check Program Changes

Date Posted: 2/26/2014

The Texas Annual Conference has decided to make a change in its background check program to better service our member churches.  This decision was made as a direct result of the many changes being made to our current Safe Churches Program. The changes from the current provider would take place in mid-March and would completely change the way our background screening program works today.
Knowing the effect these changes would have on our members, the conference decided to interview several background check companies. As a result, we have made a decision to discontinue our current services at the end of February and move our program to General Information Services, Inc. (GIS). GIS has been a leading provider of background screening services since 1966. GIS’s commitment to data security and client service has propelled their strong growth.  GIS does not offshore any of their services and in their 48 year history, they have never had a data breach.
GIS will begin providing background check services thru their sister company, backgroundchecks.com, to the Conference in early March. backgroundchecks.com is now your dedicated source for delivering prompt, quality and comprehensive background screening. In this regard.
DO NOT ORDER ANY BACKGROUND CHECKS THROUGH www.safechurches.com after February 28, 2014.
The ordering process for GIS is outlined below:
Process for Signing Up for the New Service:

  1. To Order Instant Criminal Record & Sex Offender Database Checks - US OneSearch .  As in the past, individual churches will be able to order an unlimited number of Criminal Record and Sex Offender Database checks thru backgroundchecks.com called the “US OneSearch” for screening staff and volunteers.  In this regard, each church will receive an email with instructions, Username and Password for ordering the US OneSearch on the Conference Account.  Each church will also receive a District Code that must be entered each time a church orders a US OneSearch so that Annual Conference will be able to monitor the usage of US OneSearch by each District.
  1. Ordering Checks Other Than US OneSearch.  Any church that wants to order checks other than US OneSearch such as County Criminal Record Checks, Driving Record Checks, Credit Reports, etc. will be able to do so by signing up for their own individual account.   Each Church that currently has an individual account will receive an email from Jaime Blalock of GIS containing a Promotional Code that will allow you to order these additional searches with special pricing negotiated for you by the conference.  Additionally, the email will contain “Click Here” link which will direct you to a sign-up page where you should complete the necessary basic information about your individual church account and enter the Promotional Code. The set-up process should take no longer than 10-15 minutes and you will be able  to begin ordering non-credit bureau checks immediately after signing up. If you need to order credit bureau products, that will necessitate the completion of a couple of additional requirements that will take a few days and a site inspection required by the credit bureaus.
  1. If you have questions about the initial email communication, please reach out to Jaime Blalock, Manager of Buisness Development at 888.333.5696 ext. 2514 or by email jblalock@geninfo.com.
  1. If you encounter any difficulty in completing the account set-up process or have system questions or customer inquiries, please contact Client Relations at 866.300.8524.