This Week in Texas Methodist History

Date Posted: 2/17/2014

February 16 - Charles F. Smith Reports on his Pastorate at San Augustine

The Rev. Charles F. Smith was born in Westville, Mississippi, in 1859.  After serving appointments in his home state, he transferred to the East Texas Conference and was appointed to San Augustine.  He served a succession of appointments in East Texas including Presiding Elder.  His great passion was history.  Service at San Augustine made him aware of the historic importance of McMahan’s Chapel.  In his retirement years, he attended St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Houston and became the custodian of the “Conference Trunk.”  

The Conference Trunk was a simple steamer trunk that contained historic documents of the conference.  Smith brought the trunk  to Annual Conference each year so that interested parties could examine those documents. The trunk was the predecessor of the Texas Conference Archives...  
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