Leadership is an Intentional Value at Jones Memorial

Date Posted: 1/23/2014

With a newly updated Strategic Plan in hand, the staff and elected leaders of Jones Memorial UMC are laser focused on their ‘next steps’ and how to attain new ministry milestones. What better way to start than an in-house training session just 11 days into the New Year?  The January time frame helped key leaders look into the year ahead and intentionally plan out key calendar dates and identify priorities.
The Reverend Dr. Jacqui King, Associate Pastor, was one of a half-dozen experienced speakers featured at the church-specific training session entitled “Equipping, Serving and Implementing God’s Plans.” Other session leaders included several of the congregational leaders who serve on the Texas Annual Conference Staff: Dr. Elijah Stansell, Trustees, Dr. Donald Waddleton, Staff Parish Relations, Michelle Hall, College Age and Young Adults. Simeon Queen, Pastor of Community Affairs at St. John’s UMC also challenged the leaders to think creatively how to best provide
concrete acts of love, service and kindness
to the community surrounding Jones Memorial.
According to Rev. Kenneth Levingston, Senior Pastor at Jones, Dr. Charles Ruehl led a session on Planned Giving with members of The Board of Trustees and Finance.  This session helped leaders to understand how to manage future legacy gifts from church members.  Also, Reginald Clemons, Business Manager, First Pearland UMC led a session with the Finance Committee. Reginald shared that people do not support budgets. “People support ministries and that we must always be mindful that yes, this is a business, but we must never forget that our business is MINISTRY!”
Additionally, seminarian, Eleanor Colvin provided a session on ‘Evangelism and Communication’ and highlighted the need for a clear, consistent, relevant message from the church. She helped leaders in multiple positions realize how to broaden their view and see the importance of connecting with others rather than in isolation.
Participant Brittany Linnear, a young adult leader at Jones Memorial, is thankful for the training. She says, "We must be aware that persons who are 18-25 years-old are looking for spiritually oriented experiences that lead to their overall growth.  That's a big part of ministry for us.”  
“About 60 leaders attended and enjoyed a day that offered something for newcomers and seasoned leaders alike,” adds Jacqui. “We know some of our leaders need to know more about the UM structure and framework, while others want to understand the interrelatedness of all of our key ministry functions. It was very beneficial getting us all in one room to immerse and explore the connections. Speakers stressed the multiple opportunities that are there for the taking – to help each of them thrive in their positions and unique callings.” Leaders were encouraged and invited to continue to take advantage of ongoing webinars and other training opportunities provided by the General Board of Discipleship, the Texas Annual Conference and the upcoming District Training events.

“By making leadership one of our intentional values, Jones Memorial works to broaden the base of leaders in a year-round cycle,” she adds. “We have already held a leadership workshop focused on children and youth, and are geared up to have members on the agenda and a display table highlighting the church at the upcoming district training,” she adds. 
Boldly go!
To live into the goals of “The Higher Way Church,” Jacqui says, “We love God and people first!  We believe that knowledge changes how we serve and how we implement our ministry plans. Therefore, our goal is to equip our leaders so that all may learn, lead, and serve God boldly at all times!”