It’s Not Easy Filling the Shoes of Teenager Jacey Mitchell

Date Posted: 1/23/2014

Tenth grader Jacey Mitchell, a member of the First United Methodist Church, Mont Belvieu, has a place in her heart for children. So much so that she is setting her career sights on being an obstetrician someday. And, so much so that she has started a ministry she calls “Souls of Love” – all on her own.
The idea came to her a few years ago. Explains Jacey, "My mother's God-son went into Children's Protective Services for awhile. My eyes were opened to the needs of some of these children who often leave their belongs behind.” Thinking of ways she could help, she began collecting gently-worn shoes in sizes to fit infants through teens. Her first efforts landed over a dozen pair, which was a bit discouraging, so she abandoned the idea for awhile. Having moved to a new community and joined a new church, Jacey recently decided to try again.
"Souls of Love seemed like an appropriate name for this project," adds Jacey. “We had a clothing drive at school around Christmas and that reminded me that there is still a great need among children younger than me in my community. I decided to talk to my school about getting involved, but they were not as responsive as my church. My youth pastor made an announcement and I already have more than 100 pair of shoes to give the Women’s Foundation.”
Jacey’s kindness does not stop with the youngsters. She recently helped take socks to the elderly in a nearby shelter, and walked their dogs in the park. She encourages other youth to think of those around them who don’t have much. “I found it is fairly easy to put an idea out there and see it take off. Adults are telling me they are proud of me, which makes me feel like a bigger person.”