This Week in Texas Methodist History

Date Posted: 12/16/2013

Martin Ruter Writes About His First Month in Texas  December 15, 1837

The head of the first official Methodist Mission to Texas, Martin Ruter, crossed the Sabine on November 23, 1837 in the company of his travelling companion, David Ayres.  He immediately threw himself into the task of organizing Methodist families into circuits.  


Martin Ruter had written her on his journey on the Ohio, Mississippi Rivers and across Louisiana, but Texas was a foreign country and Ruth and the children were eager for details of the new mission field.

By December 15 Martin Ruter had travelled about 350 miles in Texas.  He had seen the Piney Woods, the Brazos and Colorado River settlements, and a large portion of the Coastal Prairie. He described some of his recent experiences to Ruth


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