Terrific Training Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Date Posted: 12/12/2013

Each new year brings new energy and new beginnings. Perhaps this year, you might consider adding a resolution to get more involved in your local church, learn something new or meet new brothers and sisters in Christ that will enrich your life. In just a few weeks, you will have multiple opportunities to do just that via the annual lay training events throughout the conference. Each event is unique and open to anyone. Consider how you might leverage this time of worship, education and connection to give back to God and your local community in a new and invigorating way during 2014.


“Many of the sessions will prepare members to lead committees or internally focused positions within the church, but there will also be a growing number of missional sessions that allow laity to build relationships with community leaders as our congregations change their focus to outward ministry and disciple making,” says Conference Lay Leader Stephanie Griffin. She gives kudos to the Southwest District for giving their 2014 event a creative twist. Southwest has renamed their event as the “Vibrant Church Fair” and added “Best Practices” displays to share with other churches, and a personal relationship booster initiative called Methodist Best Friend Forever (MBFF) that will match participants with a new friend.


Other new ideas from the Central North District:

1) Bring leftover curriculum to share with other churches.

2) Encourage all participants to leave training with at least three church-changing ideas.


See details on all events below. Register soon for training near you.




West District LEAD Institute




West District Lay Servant School

January 26

3 pm – 5:15 pm

2:30 Registration



February 8, 15


Christ UMC at 4201 State Hwy 6 South in College Station, TX



First UMC Bryan. Contact Scott Atnip at 281-728-4593 for more details.

South District

January 25 9am-12pm

Gateway Community UMC, 760 Clear Lake Blvd., Webster TX 77598-660 http://www.southdistrict.org/

East District

February 1

9:30 am-2 pm

First UMC, Nacogdoches

Equipping God's People

Download Brochure

Questions? Call 936-699-2213

Central South District

January 26

2 pm

First UMC, Houston West Campus

Dr. Jan Love, Dean of the Candler School of Theology at Emory University Register online at www.heartofhouston.org. 

Northwest District

February 22

Marvin UMC, Tyler  

Visit http://www.nwdumc.org for more details

Southwest District

January 25

8:45 am-1:30 pm

Christ UMC, Sugar Land http://southwestdistrict.org/calendar/southwest-district-vibrant-church-fair.aspx.

Central North District

January 26

2-5 pm

The Woodlands UMC

Dr. George Hunter, III

http://www.central-north-district.com/ for more details


North District

January 11

10 am-12 pm


January 12

3 pm-5 pm

First UMC, Pittsburg

Keynote: Rev. Matt Idom – Lakeview Director


First UMC, Marshall

Keynote: Rev. Diane McGehee – TAC Director of Center for Missional Excellence


http://www.northdistrictumc.org/ for more details