Highlights from the 2013 District Road Trip

Date Posted: 11/27/2013

This year’s District Meeting Road Trip spanned several weeks, approximately 2500 miles and allowed Bishop Janice Huie and B.T. Williamson, Assistant to the Bishop, to meet face to face with over 1,300 across the conference. Because of the geographic span of the north district, clergy and laity sessions were held in both Greggton and Atlanta.  


By the end of the Road Trip, Bishop Huie felt a growing sense of hopefulness and excitement especially among the laity. “These meetings were as much about gathering insight and information as they were about providing information,” she explains, adding, “It also became clear that church size has little to do with vibrancy, as churches of all sizes across our conference are serving their mission field.”


Each district meeting involved a session with clergy and one with lay leaders. Each laity session included this video highlighting vibrant churches throughout the annual conference including stories from Orange, Tyler, Maud, Old Boston, Douglasville, and Union Chapel, and featured a variety of examples of congregations seeking ways to serve God and their communities.


Adds the Bishop,  “I was thrilled to learn that 60% of our attendees were lay leaders and all audiences expressed genuine interest in learning more about the path to vibrancy that is spreading across our conference. “It seems our congregations are becoming more and more aware of the need to shift from an internal focus to an outward focus. This is particularly evident with dramatic increase of churches in partnership with schools now that 65% - 70% of our conference churches are reporting some form of local school engagement.”