Bishop Huie Joins Local Faith Leaders Urging Compassionate Immigration Reform

Date Posted: 11/13/2013

A coalition of prominent Houston-area faith leaders continue to resist legislation such as the “SAFE Act” that does not promote the Christ-inspired dignity and treatment of immigrants in America.


Bishop Janice Huie told media representatives present at a recent immigration-focused press conference that her ancestors immigrated to the United States through the Port of Galveston in the 1870s from Germany.


“All of us gathered here today are living legacies of not only our faith traditions from generations past, but also of  immigrants who came to this country seeking better lives for themselves and their families,” she noted. “As leaders of the faith community, we urge the U.S. House to pass comprehensive reform that keeps families together, protects workers and “Dreamers,” and provides a workable path to citizenship for those within our borders who remain undocumented and at risk despite their valuable contribution to our society.”


Faith leaders are jointly promoting reform that includes reunification of families and a means for obtaining citizenship that protects that unity for future generations. “The faith community wants to respond to both the comprehensive immigration bill in the House of Representatives and express concern about the SAFE Act bill,” she adds. “We encourage Representatives to be brave and push ahead with negotiations around immigration reform that honor the unity of families and the dignity of workers.”


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