Over 220 Rejuvenated at Clergy Gathering

Date Posted: 10/22/2013

Participants at the Lakeview Conference Center for the Fall Gathering, were encouraged to live their lives from the inside out. Frank A. Thomas is a preacher, teacher, scholar, lecturer, author, and a professional master coach led several sessions on Confessional Theology. 

“He spoke about the Want To’s and Have To’s of life,” says Rev. Michelle Hall, TAC’s Associate Director of Clergy Excellence, “the need to reevaluate the choices we make in life as it relates the our wanting to and our having to.  The profound image he presented in the image of a question was: Did Jesus go to the cross because he had to or he wanted to?”


Clergy learned more about the structure of creating a sermon and the need to create imagery through story telling.  Component’s began with the situation and ended in celebration. Adds Michelle, “One memorable highlight involved the District Superintendents coming forth to pray for clergy, as clergy came up seeking prayer under the invitation of Confessional Prayer. The service ended with Josh and Christy Hale presenting their son for baptism, which  Bishop Huie led, ending the service with communion.”