Video: You Can Make a Difference

Date Posted: 10/17/2013


JFON clinics can help clients avert financial and legal harm

Since recent immigration changes are causing an increase in demand for legal assistance, unregulated law firms are often exploiting people with extravagant fees and meaningless advice. Instead, Wanda is a strong proponent of JFON clinics and nonprofit agencies like her own that provide affordable legal assistance to clients that provide full disclosure of their background.  While traditional law firms can charge thousands to submit immigration paperwork, Wanda’s firm charges a mere $25 consultation fee. Her traditional fees for additional legal work follow the nonprofit agency guidelines. With police work in her background, Wanda can make judgment calls based on her intuition, but acknowledges, “Citizenship is the highest benefit the U.S. can bestow on someone, so we do not take this lightly.”  More information.


How individuals and churches can help


·         WRITE A CHECK: Make your check out to “Texas Annual Conference” and in the memo line write: JFON (and the name of your district) then mail it to the Conference Office at TAC, The Center For Missional Excellence, 5215 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77002


·         DONATE ON LINE: Go to   and find your district team’s running page.  Click on the link and find the list of runners for your district. Make a donation to the running page of any runner by clicking “view” beside the runner’s name and then scrolling down the page to “Sponsor Me” (click that link and follow the prompts to make an online donation)


The funding will help the conference set up new JFON clinics. Then, volunteers can get trained as “intake workers” conducting needs assessments with clients. Adds Wanda, “I would also propose TAC churches allow us to train their volunteers and staff to be a place where the immigrant community can at least make an initial application for services.”


The countdown to the fall fundraising events is underway and grassroots support is building with the goal of attaining the Moody Foundation match. “Once the new JFON clinics are established, there will be opportunities to participate in life-changing, hands on mission with our neighbors from all over the world,” Bishop Huie adds.