College Students Devote their Holiday to Service

Date Posted: 1/22/2015

TSU Wesley Foundation students devoted five hours on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to serve the underserved at The Beacon for the third year in a row.
College students usually celebrate free time with their eyes closed, or focused on sports, games or friends. Yet, Kaleb Taylor, a sophomore political science major at Texas Southern University, spent his Martin Luther King holiday with a half-dozen other Wesley Foundation friends doing what would make MLK proud – serving those in need at The Beacon day center for the homeless.  Notes Kaleb, “On a day off it's always great to give back and do God's work. It's a humbling experience and also sad to see the condition that people have to live in - especially in a country as wealthy as the United States. Overall it makes me more grateful and inspires me to work towards achieving change for the poor and underprivileged.”
TSU alum Andre Martinez, now serving as a Wesley Foundation board member, accompanied the students on this day of service. Notes Andre, “This was my fourth year to go with Wesley Foundation students to The Beacon, and each time I to enjoy it more, especially seeing the students laugh and interact with the visitors coming through the lunch line. There was a Wesley student in every section of the kitchen from cooking to serving to cleaning, and they seemed happy to be there.”
Adds Andre, “We began and ended our time together in prayer, and the students shared how they felt the spirit working through them to spread God’s love. This group of students were first-timers to The Beacon, and several of them felt comfortable enough to open up and share that they had personally been homeless for a period of their young lives and how they particularly were blessed to give back.”
Investing in the Young
Andre is personally thankful for what the Wesley Center meant to him over the last few years, and to see that the Center is still serving as a catalyst for these new students learning firsthand to experience God at work in and through them. Learn more about the work at TSU Wesley Foundation.