Kick Off a Healthy 2015

Date Posted: 1/21/2015

The Center for Clergy Excellence has some new offerings related to wellness for Group Health Benefits (GHB) participants. 

Lenten Weight Loss Jump Start 2015

Sometimes all it takes to get started on a project is a little push! Why not Jump Start you weight loss and start moving toward a healthier, lighter you in 2015?
For Lent in 2015, we will give you that push! Lose 5 pounds - send in the Lenten Weight Loss Jump Start 2015 form - receive $150. Learn more

Walking Program Incentives Increase

Quarterly Walking Program Incentives for 2015 will increase to $75. Wearing your pedometer can be habit forming and helps you to monitor your activity each day! Learn more

Virgin Pulse pedometer not working?  Take the time to get it working - call Virgin Pulse at 1-800-830-4312 to get help. Remember full replacement warranty on the MAX for one year. Upgrade to or replace a MAX now $24.99. FitBits work too. Why wait - get back on track!
New Yearly Bonus Plan
Earn more by staying in the program faithfully each quarter.
Bonuses paid out in January 2016. 
$150 bonus - meet goals in all 4 quarters in 2015
$100 bonus - meet goals in 3 quarters in 2015
$ 50 bonus -  meet goals in 2 quarters in 2015 

2015 A-la-carte Fitness Rebate

The 2014 Rebate was such a success that we will be repeating it again in 2015!  We had 187 clergy, spouses and lay employees file for the 2014 rebate and we paid out  a total of $39,950 in incentives. The items we helped you purchase were gym memberships, tennis shoes, hiking boots, golf clubs, vitamins, yoga mats, bicycles, treadmills and much more. Check out the Policy and print out the2015 form. Start saving your receipts from January 1 thru September 30, 2015 and turn them in by Oct. 12, 2015.

New and Improved for 2015

Maintenance Incentive Increases to $750 in New Year.           
Maintaining your BMI is hard work too… take advantage of the 2015 Maintenance Incentive . A Physician’s form is required. All incentives need to be sent to Ted Carlson, 14523 Muirfield Lane, Houston, TX 77095. Learn more.
Days of Wellness Dates for 2015 to be Announced Soon
We are currently working with Methodist Wellness Center to have one in Longview, and others in the Houston area. Keep watching the newsletter and website.
Benefits Update: Things to Know
Free Glucometer & Supplies
Diabetics that actively participate in the Disease Management Program qualify for a free state-of-the-art cellular enabled glucometer and testing supplies through ActiveCare. Learn more.