Perritte Memorial UMC Nacogdoches sends 84 Boxes Abroad

Date Posted: 1/8/2015

When Perritte Memorial UMC member Mark Dalhoff read a book by Franklin Graham about Operation Christmas Child, he was inspired to help his church help children in international locations who might not otherwise have a Christmas. "I actually started in the spring collecting shoe boxes and recruiting helpers," he says. By fall he was talking it up and giving presentations to the youth and in church.

In no time, United Methodist Men and Missions Committee hosted a donation dinner to raise about $800 to cover the postage and supplies and the youth agreed to help with gift wrapping. "We doubled our previous year by donating 86 boxes, and it was the first time the youth had been involved," Mark shares. "Even children's church kiddos packed six or seven boxes.

Seeing it all come together was a true blessing, as was going to the Distribution Center in Dallas to help send them to Peru, South America and other locations. The Distribution Center was expecting to ship 370,000 boxes within three weeks, and it is exciting to know ours were among those."