GBGM Best Practices Mission Conference

Date Posted: 1/8/2015

“In Mission Together – Best Practices in Missional Partnership!” is coming to the El Valle District of the Rio Texas Conference of the UMC, February 20-21. Global Ministries (GBGM) of the UMC, the El Valle District, Methodist Border Friendship Commission and the Methodist Church of Mexico is sponsoring this event at First UMC, McAllen. 

National speakers relating to the
“In Mission Together” Program of GBGM will be present, as well as, Pastor Javier Leyva from the Rio Texas Conference UMC and Rev. Raul Garcia de Ochoa, former Bishop of the Eastern Conference of the Methodist Church of Mexico (IMMAR). Susan Hellums, Border Area Mission Coordinator on behalf of First United Methodist Church in McAllen, TX shares that, “In the unique context of our border area, we have the opportunity to host mission groups from elsewhere. We will investigate ways we can partner with those who come to join us in God’s mission here in the border region! Register online.

The information shared at this Conference applies to all areas of service and inspires creativity. Adds Susan, “It is a way to empower those we serve to move toward independence, as we honor their dignity while truly sharing the gifts God has equally given to all of us as we develop lasting relationships.”