Kaleidoscope Study of Lakeview Camp Ministry Begins in January

Date Posted: 11/25/2014

The TAC Conference Camping committee, the Cabinet, and Lakeview's Board of Directors will partner with retreat and camp consulting firm in 2015 to Invest in the Young in new ways.

Matt Idom, President of Lakeview is excited about the year ahead. “Beginning this January,” he shares, “Kaleidoscope, Inc., will conduct a study and submit recommendations that will influence the future of the District Camp ministries of the Texas Annual Conference.

Kaleidoscope is the premier company in the U.S. that specializes in guiding retreat, conference, and camping centers. Mr. Jody Oates, president of the company, will be the lead consultant.”

Three groups of the Annual Conference are partners in this ambition: the Conference Camping Committee, the Cabinet, and Lakeview's Board of Directors. “The goal,” he explains, “is to determine how to serve more children and youth and to improve the quality of camp in the areas of program, curriculum, worship, schedule, and shared resources. Presently, each District Camp is independent and there are several models within each week of camp.” 

The study will be concluded by May, 2015. In addition to the District Camp portion of the study, Kaleidoscope will also evaluate and make recommendations for the future business model of Lakeview Methodist Conference Center. "The important question we are asking," says Matt, "is how decisions regarding District Camp will need to be reflected in the staff and operations at Lakeview."

Three points of importance that Kaleidoscope is asked to see as critical to the future of the camping ministry include sustainable cost for conducting excellent camps, quality and committed volunteers, and being anchored in Wesleyan theology. District Camp in the Texas Annual Conference is one of the largest youth and children's ministries in all of Methodism. This past summer saw a modest growth to over 3,600 participants, adults and campers. Lakeview currently has the capacity to double the number of participants, and with the anticipated completion of the new Camp Hearn dorms, that capacity will increase yet again.  Adds Matt, “The study will help identify the challenges and opportunities to improve and serve more children and youth, building on a very positive and strong tradition of young people claiming and growing in their faith in Jesus Christ.”