New Church Spotlight: Rev. Eric Huffman Introduces The Story

Date Posted: 11/25/2014

A handful of United Methodist congregations are taking courageous steps toward making church relevant to young adults. Rev. Eric Huffman is planning a third preview worship service for The Story, with support from St. Luke’s UMC, Houston, to be held at River Oaks Theater on December 18.
 “Statistics paint the painful picture,” Rev. Eric Huffman shares, “in that less than one in five young adults (age 18-25) participate regularly in a community of faith. Therefore, making Christianity compelling for new generations won’t happen by accident and should be the top priority of churches everywhere.”  Houston is adding over 2,000 new residents every single week, and has truly become a global mega-city. The new service will be called The Story because sacred stories cut through differences and have the power to start movements and change the world. Eric is passionate about teaching the scriptures in compelling ways to people who've never been to church and those who feel burned by the church. “Our purpose will be to inspire nonreligious Houstonians to play their part in the unfolding story of God’s love in Jesus Christ. My wife, Geovanna, and I are excited to tackle this challenge on behalf of St. Lukes’ UMC, Houston, and with your help and God’s grace, we know big things are in store.” He says that regular worship services won’t begin until the Launch Team surpasses 200.  To accelerate the timeline, he suggests going to and sharing it with friends online. 
Learn more about the backstory in this video clip: