Imagine No Malaria Campaign is Nearing Goal to Eliminate Suffering

Date Posted: 11/10/2014

The Global Health Initiative of The United Methodist Church has exciting new resources available to ramp up giving and engagement in an effort to reach the $75,000,000 goal for the Imagine No Malaria Global Health Initiative.
The initiative has been ahead of schedule for well over a year and to date is just shy of $64,000,000. Rev. Gary Henderson, executive director of the Global Health Initiative of the United Methodist Church said Annual Conferences have seen people continue to give beyond their Conferences goals and they are looking to continue that trend for the remaining 18 months. So far 42 Annual Conferences have been engaged in the initiative and 31 of those are still currently active. But he has learned from the fundraising world that the last $10,000,000 of a campaign is usually the hardest $10,000,000 to reach. He is hoping that it’s going to be much easier with Imagine No Malaria to reach this goal than it would be for a typical campaign because this one has been atypical. This campaign did not start with an emphasis on major gifts but was started grassroots from zero dollars and it has raised almost $65,000,000 since 2010. Because of this, people have been more excited and willing to donate. With major gift activity still growing, he is hopeful that people will continue to be excited about their efforts.
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