Youth Camp Inspires Far-reaching Impact

Date Posted: 10/23/2014

Learning to crochet was a small part of South District summer camp, until a certain thank you note arrived from Africa.
When an adult took time to teach youth campers how to crochet at South District Camp this summer, a sweet story began to unfold. Lakeview Conference Center was the backdrop where youth from 27 churches (10-12th grade) and counselors created a group that was almost 200-strong. “In no time, students had learned the technique and were making blankets,” says camp director Susy McAdams.  
“We sent the blankets to the Methodist hospital in Kenya, Africa in August, and received this thank you note in September,” Susy shares.
Thank you for the wonderful blankets. The amount of love and prayers that were crocheted into every stitch was received with gratitude. You have proclaimed through your efforts the oneness of Christ. May you feel this peace.
Seeing how students at camp brought a blessing to a hospital in Africa is a reminder that a seemingly small effort can leave a life-changing impression on someone in need. Adds Susy, “I am very proud of how far-reaching youth camp can go!”