JFON November Clinic Being Planned at Mission Milby

Date Posted: 10/22/2014

William Reed, D. Min. and pastor of Servants of Christ UMC tells the story of “Alfredo” who was born in the U.S.  He is a high school sophomore and participates in after-school activities at Mission Milby. He was present recently when missionaries from Tanzania told their story with an inspiring addendum that illustrated the impact of United Methodists’ connectional missional work across the world.  

According to Will, “About one month ago Alfredo’s step-father was deported. He shared this during our time of joys and concerns during the youth worship gathering after the deportation. As we joined hands in a circle around the room we prayed for him and his mother and his three younger siblings.”
Adds Will,  “In recent days, Alfredo came to Mission Milby not knowing what else to do. His mother was stopped by HPD earlier today and taken to jail because of several outstanding traffic warrants that she does not have the means to pay for now that she is supporting Alfredo and his siblings with her part-time job at Whataburger.  Now the 15- year-old Alfredo has responsibility for his three younger siblings. We do not yet know what is next, but Eddie Hilliard (our Executive Director at Mission Milby) and I are attempting to address the immediate issues of this very difficult situation. This is not an uncommon occurrence here at Mission Milby, but this is just the latest story among many similar stories.”
Will and others have been spreading the word about plans for a Justice for Our Neighbors (JFON) office coming to the mission. The families served by the mission are particularly excited and hopeful. As a first step they are planning a first “clinic” as a step to open the first JFON office. Adds Will, “JFON is starting at Mission Milby because there is great need, but there is also great need in Southwest Houston and in Tyler.  Watch the website for more information as plans take shape for the proposed clinic on Saturday, November 22.”