Adoption Options: A True Investment in the Young

Date Posted: 9/26/2013

Resource groups and upcoming panels offer churches and individuals the opportunity to bust myths surrounding adoption and foster care, and become equipped to meet the needs of these special families. The truth might surprise you.


If only 1% of those that considered adoption, actually completed the process there would be no orphans.


Churches and individuals can Invest in the Young by being aware of the adoption/foster process and supporting this ministry in many ways. “We want to promote awareness and provide resources,” says organizer Rev. Amy Bezecny, of the Hope and Healing Center, “and we want the church community to be aware of these children, their families and their unique needs.” Consider these resources and opportunities to investigate this very real need in our community and the world.


Adoption Discovery Group

This 6-week resource group explains how you can adopt at no cost in nine months or less, reviews how to interview an adoption professional and determine your style of parenting. This group allows you to meet others considering adoption, and provides online courses which are simple and convenient. They outline every step of the adoption process, dispel myths and prepare families for a successful adoption journey. The next group session starts in January, 2014.


October 15 event: Relatives as Parents

Since 1 out of 11 children spend part of their growing up years in a relative’s care, chances are you may be called upon to care for a grandchild, niece or nephew in the months or years ahead. The Hope and Healing Center’s free October forum allows participants to learn about personal and legal rights, and discuss common issues related to “Relatives as Parents.”


Panelists include:                      

Moderator -  Rev. Amy Bezecny, HHI Fellow

DFPS - Kristina Belcher, Kinship Program Director

Lawyer  - Les Shireman, Connolly & Shireman, L.L.P.

Volunteers of America - Angie Grindon, Relatives as Parents Program Coordinator

Legacy 685 - Steve Klein


November 5: Informed with Facts, Discover the Possibilities for Adoption/Foster care Parenting

One in four adults consider adopting a child at some point in their lives. If only 1% of those that considered it actually finalized adoptions, there would be no orphans. Join in the conversation at the Hope and Healing Center as they host a free panel presentation from 6:30-8pm to dispel myths surrounding adoption and foster care. Moderator Rev. Amy Bezecny will be joined by DPFS representative KarenMoore, LSW and CPA Natalie Kubik, Lawyer Heather Benzenhoffer, Legacy 685 representative Steve Klein and Therapist Dr. James Jones, Ed.D.


For more information or to reserve a spot, contact Beth Woodman, Program Director, The Hope and Healing Center  or 713 830-4137.