The Big Event Celebrates 6th Graders

Date Posted: 9/26/2013

Attention parents and youth leaders…registration is now open for The Big Event! This special November weekend will make your sixth graders feel special as their teenage journey begins.


Oddly enough, there is no clear consensus across the United States on whether to include sixth grade as the last year in elementary school, or as the first year of middle school. Even churches struggle with whether they go in children's or youth ministry, and some even give them a year apart from everyone else. This time of important transition is best enhanced with special insight and focused attention in an all-for-one and one-for-all environment.


Introducing: The Big Event!

Registration is open for this conference-wide event for sixth graders that will be held the weekend of November 1st-3rd at Forest Glen Christian Camp.


Youth leader and organizer Eddie Erwin believes that sixth graders will particularly enjoy this weekend as they traverse through this significant time in their adolescent and personal development.  “At this phase of life, physical maturity and emotional maturity often get out of sync,” he says, “and concrete versus abstract thinking skills are even under construction. The good news is that the Conference Ministry with Youth and Young Adults recognizes all of these factors and that this age is exciting and scary all at the same time.  The Big Event strives to create an environment where sixth grade students can be together to connect with Jesus Christ and learn how their faith can set them on a course that will turn their teenage journey into a wonderful adventure.” 


This weekend is set apart from the other Conference Youth retreats and is distinctly different to cater to the needs of sixth graders and the ministries that they are a part of at their local church.  Because each church disciples to this group differently, some use it as a time to get to know their students, away from parents and older youth.  Other groups use it as a cornerstone to their Confirmation classes.  The retreat focuses on John Wesley's threefold idea of grace and uses parts of the Credo curriculum.  There is also time for worship, small groups, outdoor recreation and mastering the art of sixth-grade-silliness.


"This retreat is something that I attended as a sixth grader and was a fantastic springboard for my faith development and entry into youth ministry,” shares Eddie. “I believe that it is important to meet these students in the special time and place that they are at in their lives. We hope that this weekend they can grow closer to God, connect with others on their spiritual path and have a great deal of fun on the way."



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